Hope’s Stainless Steel Appliance Polish is designed to put a shiny coating on the surface, no abrasive action at all. It can then be used on about any sort of surface and just washes off.  This product was discontinued by the manufacturer in 2008. Hope’s Stainless Steel Polish contains a fine abrasive that shines by actually polishing the patina, the outermost layer of the stainless steel (like a silver polish). The fine abrasive is great for things like kitchen sinks, but you really don’t want to use an abrasive on the type of stainless used on stainless steel appliances. That stainless typically has a “grain” and polishing with an abrasive can put small scratches that are visible in contrast to the grain. Your manufacturer should recommend either an abrasive or non-abrasive as the best way to clean and care for your stainless surface.

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