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Can you tell me a little bit about paint sprayers and RemovAll?

Posted by DTEPStore on 10/22/2014 to Removall


Airless sprayers and RemovAll products. RemovAll Coating Removers are a new generation, water based, paint-stripping technology. They were originally developed for the aviation industry and as you might expect it takes a lot of stripper to de-paint a 737.  This is the reason that these former aviation products, now converted to the RemovAll label, were engineered to be sprayed. The product in the bucket is thick like a pudding or yogurt, too thick to spray through a garden type sprayer. Some types of RemovAll such as 320 and 220 have been modified to be brushable, that method of application is always secondary to spraying. My mantra is “they are made to be sprayed”. Even the “brushable grades work better if they are sprayed. Paint sprayers come in a few different technologies. RemovAll works best with an “airless sprayer”.  HVLP or “conventional sprayers” have too many variables and the airless types are far more numerous. So for keeping it simple let’s stick with an airless to apply RemovAll. There are several brands to choose from and most have benefits and weaknesses. I personally prefer a Titan or Spray Tech type sprayer; they both have chemical resistant components that are less affected by the stripper ingredients. Which Size? This depends on how many projects and the size of those projects. Even the smaller sprayers (i.e. Titan 440i) do a great job of pushing the RemovAll products out, but a larger pump, one step up, (i.e. Spray Tech Exp2255) would be better if you were a experienced contractor. Rentals? Some times rental companies get a little skittish if you tell them you want to spray paint remover, so communicate that RemovALL is a water based product and will clean the sprayer rather than destroy it. If you are using a spray rig that has been used for painting before, expect that the paint inside will become loosened up after about 30 - 45 min of exposure to RemovAll.  Your tip will need to be purged often as it cleans things up; also check the filters in the gun if you experience a slow down of product movement. Tip size and pressure setting? These are very important to success and both relate to being gentle with the product. The typical airless comes with a “17” tip. If you can’t find anything larger you can try this but we suggest using a “21” tip. Low pressure and large tip size keep the product in its most effective emulsion and consistency. If your sprayer has no pressure setting (factory set) the tip size becomes even more important. Spraying RemovALL gently will allow it to be built on the surface to be striped to the desired thickness.

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