Additional product use suggestions garnered from our experience: 1. Always stir the product before use (high speed drill mixing is recommended). 2. Apply the product liberally (not thin like paint). 3. Do not apply the product in direct sunshine, high heat or humidity.  This may cause the product to dry out and stop working. 4. Although removal times vary, best results are normally seen after 8 hours.  Leaving the product on the surface for 24 hours is not unheard of.  Dwell time depends on the situation and the type of paint you are trying to remove.  As long as the product has not dried out it will continue to work. 5. Oftentimes RemovALL 320 will shrink in from the edges.  It’s not uncommon to apply a second thin coat over the original application after about 2 or 3 hours. 6. We suggest testing with a sample size or sample patch first if you are unfamiliar with the product as there may be instances where the product cannot perform properly due to poor paint adhesion (i.e. the layers of paint to be removed were not properly set.  Additional application may be required) or paint/material that was applied to the surface more than 100 years ago. Technical Support is always available through the manufacturer.

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