Silicone oil is an ingredient used in most commercial furniture polishes to impart a high degree of shine. Unfortunately, by raising the shine it can alter the apearance of the furniture permanently beyond what the manufacturer intended. Silicone penetrates into the finish and is virtually impossible to remove. Over time it can weaken the molecular structure of the finish. Tabletops, desks, cabinet doors and armchairs will yellow, soften and lose their natural shine. Silicone oil takes long to evaporate. As such, the surface stays smeary which most people don’t like. Silicone is also the main ingredient in many lubricants. Hence, why so many polished surfaces feel greasy or slippery. Furniture manufacturers and cabinetmakers have known for years that silicone-based polishes cause damage to fine furniture. In fact, most manufacturers forbid the use of any polish, lubricant or material containing silicone within the factory. Silicone can cause tremendous problems in the event that finishing becomes necessary, even for a professional refinisher. A finisher’s nightmare! Trade Secret Furniture Polish and Cleaner contains no silicones or harmful acids, is non-abrasive, and will not discolor metal hardware.

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