The common fix for many consumers is to use standard bleach to remove mold and mold stains from a variety of surfaces. While this may appear a good fix, bleach is known to leave behind a residue that mold spores feed on so you have possibly done yourself a future disservice.

Smart Storage and Mold Away are great products that help combat the problem of Mold, Mildew and Fungus before it starts. These moisture absorbers are ideal for use in storage applications like Basements, Boats, Campers and RV’s and are designed to protect stored goods from the negative effects of moisture.

Krud Kutter is oftentimes used (in full strength doses) on heavily molded vinyl surfaces, but be careful of drips. The product requires good absorption and lots of wiping. The situation is usually worsened by the amount of time the mold was actively growing on the vinyl and may in fact be beyond a conventional stain removal process. It is hopeful the Krud Kutter was able to lighten if not remove the stain. However with mixed results reported by consumers, it is hard to say.

You may want to consider a program of eliminating sources for mold growth before the problem starts. This is a more effective means of controlling mold.

If you have knowledge of a good fix for this type of problem please let us know. We always love to share success stories.

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