Observe if there is any “white “ spotting on the surface.  If there is, that means the Biowash Natural Deck Oil has not properly formed its water resistance property yet. We suggest using wood wash to remove the failed wood stain and leave it to dry out completely and wait for favorable conditions to reapply.  The dry time between coats is 2 hrs (temperature >15 degrees centigrade). Light rain should not affect the Biowash Natural Deck Oil unless it started to rain immediately and the stain was washed out. Other than that DEFY Natural Deck Oil is ""water friendly""; curing time might be prolonged.  Second coat might be applied when the first coat is dry to touch. Cure time varies depending on weather conditions (function of temperature and humidity). It is always better to put the second coat shortly after the first one feels dry. Leaving the job for the next day might be OK but only if the temperature is < 60f and there is no direct full sun exposure.

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