Tyrolit A36N-BFX 4 -1/2 X 1/8 X 7/8 27 Grinding Wheel 10ct

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A36N-BFX 4 -1/2 X 1/8 X 7/8 27 Grinding
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Rough grinding wheel For nonferrous metals. The PREMIUM*** rough grinding wheel developed specifically for nonferrous metals prevents clogging of the tool in order to reduce loading or dulling. Even at very low pressure, the wheel achieves extremely high abrasiveness. TYROLIT’s formula and production methods enable exceptionally high stock removal rates to be obtained for nonferrous metal applications. These rough grinding wheels are available in the hard N grade for surface and edge grinding, or in the softer cutting L grade for surface grinding. UPC of Individual Unit: 8-84255-01431-5

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