Trade Secret Countertop Polish 8oz
Trade Secret Countertop Polish 8oz

Trade Secret Countertop Polish 8oz

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DFP 686235 Trade Secret Countertop Polish 8oz
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Trade Secret Countertop Polish. This countertop polish and cleaner was conceived for professional applications and is now available to the industry and consumers alike. Trade Secret Countertop Polish and Cleaner does not contain the harsh chemicals found in window cleaners and other solvent-based brands of cleaners that could cause discoloration over time. This product uses gentle, yet effective ingredients that clean and prolong the life of countertops and other plastic surfaces. The ammonia-free formulation enables streak-free cleaning of all surfaces including melamine, Corian, Formica and Arborite countertops to PVC blinds. The formula is food-safe, odorless and great for use in the kitchen. It leaves no cracks, is silicone-free, preserves a natural shine, does not leave wax or sticky build-up and contains no harmful propellants.

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