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Ritz Clean Pet Hair Upholstery Mitt

Ritz Clean Pet Hair Upholstery Mitt

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Ritz Clean Pet Hair Upholstery Mitt. What are the features and benefits?For your home, this RITZ Clean Upholstery Mitt works hard to lift unwanted pet hair and lint that your vacuum and lint roller leave behind. For your pet. this upholstery mitt attracts and removes loose pet hair. reducing shedding and unwanted hair throughout the home. It is ambidextrous, reusable, and one size fits all.On what surfaces can I use the RITZ Clean Upholstery Mitt?In the home, use on any hard or soft surface, such as furniture, upholstery, clothing, floors, drapes and curtains, This mitt can also be used on your pet as a grooming tool to remove loose and unwanted pet hair.How do you use the RITZ Clean Upholstery Mitt?Simply put either hand in the mitt, thumb in the thumb hole. Slide over the fabric you wish to de-hair or your pet's coat in a sweeping motion against the nap of the mitt fabric. The mitt will actually attract and pick up loose pet hair, lint, dust and dander.To remove the hair on the RITZ Clean Upholstery Mitt, simply rub the mitt in the opposite direction on a dry surface.Please note: Before using, test on an inconspicuous area.

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