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Ritz Cheese Cloth 2 sq yd 100% lint-free cotton

Ritz Cheese Cloth 2 sq yd 100% lint-free cotton

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RIT RT10004
Ritz Cheese Cloth 100% lint-free cotton 2 sq yd was originally create for straining and wrapping cheese. Cheese cloth is a loosely woven cotton gauze which is a kitchen essential. It is lint-free. Strong when wet and odorless. Cheese cloth is also ideal for cleaning and polishing. In the Kitchen use for basting poultry, straining sauces, jams and jellies, steaming, blanching, filtering stew and soup, poaching seafood, canning, making cheese, yogurt and wine. For Cleaning Purposes use for polishing sliver, washing windows and mirrors and auto detailing. Around the Home uses include art projects, protecting plants, refinishing furniture, painting and faux finishes, antiquing or applying waxes.

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