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Odor Xit Odor Eliminator Conc 64oz

Odor Xit Odor Eliminator Conc 64oz

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Odor Eliminator Conc 64oz

Odor Xit concentrate diluted with water will permanently eliminate organic odors caused by pet and human urine, feces, vomit, animal scent marking spray, spoiled food, garbage, dead animals, animal nests, stale beer, blood and more. Odor Xit can be safely applied to skin, fur, color-fast fabric, most carpets, concrete, coolers, dirt, drywall, furniture, leather, plaster, plastic, refrigerators, freezers, wood and even in litter boxes. Makes 16 gal. for 4,000 square feet of hard surface, 32 skunked dogs, 64 loads of laundry, 6,400 toilets, 1,600 litter boxes, 16 refrigerators, or 1 medium size horse barn.

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