Mold Away 200gram box containing 3 bags

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Desiccare MA0200BX0300 Mold Away 200gram box containing 3 bags
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Manufacturer: Mold Away
Mold Away box. This ultimate in moisture, odor, rust and corrosion elimination is a simple solution to a healthier home environment. MoldAway eliminates the moisture that mold needs in order to thrive and is designed to reduce the risk presented by household molds by creating an environment unsuitable for mold growth and survival. It is environmentally safe, easy to use and works well for both residential and commercial properties. MoldAway features a foil overwrap that protects the product from activating prior to use, indicator dots that turn from blue to pink when the product needs to be replaced, with no open containers or liquid to spill, is non-toxic containing natural ingredients, and is FDA approved. This product begins to pick up moisture at 5 percent RH and keeps the humidity level to less than 30 percent RH.

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