A fogger or atomizer is a piece of equipment that atomize or turn a solution into a fine mist which is then fogged into the air or onto surfaces and into cracks. You could also say an atomizer atomizes particles making them very small and fine and then releasing them into the air as a fine mist or fog. Atomizers should be used to remove airborne particulate like mold spores or odors. It is not a solution to replace physical removal of mold. Atomizing MoldAvenger will allow the enzymes to attach to airborne spores and odors and will drag them to the ground. This is affective when high airborne spore counts pose a health risk or have potential to move throughout the home or building in the ventilation shafts. It is a popular practice to fog ventilation ducting to remove airborne spores and odors form the ducting when cleaning of the ducting is being done. It is also a common practice for cleaning ducting especially after fires to remove smoke damage and odors. The process is the same either way. All ducts are blocked except the intake and the last duct in the chain. A fogger is placed at the intake (all filters must be removed from ducting prior) and is turned on along with the ventilation system. The product is fogged through the ducting until moisture is present at the far end. Then special cleaning sweeps must be run through the ducting to remove dirt and grime.

Atomizing is also popular in crawl spaces, basements and attics. All these places are areas of poor air movement and where additional moisture is not wanted. In attics especially there is usually insulation that you do not want getting wet or taking on additional moisture. Foggers can be used in these areas as they are the solution that will add the least amount of moisture and will bring down the airborne spores in these areas. Additional product must be applied to areas of visible growth using the spray bottle or garden sprayer then agitated and left 15-20 minutes before wiping away. Atomizing is always in addition to the normal cleaning process and never done solely in its place.

- Pre-mix MoldAvenger and fully dissolve in water. - Add to atomizer/fogger. - Fog into air and surrounding areas where mold is present to remove airborne spores and odors. - Clean visible mold from all surfaces using a spray bottle, pump up sprayer, hose attachment, etc… - Fog MoldAvenger again into the air and surrounding areas where mold was present to remove spores that became airborne during the cleaning process. - Air out area where cleaning was done to reduce moisture. By means of dehumidifier, fan, opening doors and windows etc…


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