Goddard's Silver Polishing Cloth 12in x 15in

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Goddard's Silver Polishing Cloth 12in x 15in
Item Id: GOD 707684
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UPC: 0-71099-07684-9
Manufacturer: Goddards
Goddard's Silver Cloths are made from 100% English cotton impregnated with Goddard's exclusive cleaning, polishing and anti-tarnish agents. They are ideal for cleaning or dusting lightly tarnished silver, silver plate and gold. Bring out the natural beauty of your fine silver with Goddard's polishing cloths. Quickly Cleans and Shines Display Silver. Leaves a Brilliant Shine. Polishes Silver that Can't Be Rinsed (Picture Frames, Candlestick Holders, etc.). Perfect for items on display.

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