DoradoStrip 3032 Janitorial Paint Remover 5 gallon

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Eldorado Chemicals 3032PLP DoradoStrip 3032 Janitorial Paint Remover 5 gallon
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Manufacturer: DoradoStrip
DoradoStrip 3032 Janitorial Paint Remover. This water-based janitorial and architectural paint stripper effectively lifts urethanes, lacquers, latexes, alkyds, elastomerics, and varnish. DoradoStrip 3032 Janitorial/Architectural Paint Stripper, low VOC, is extremely effective in removing tough coatings such as urethanes and alkyds from vinyl tiles and other types of flooring. It contains no TAPs or HAPs, is non-flammable, is non-ozone depleting, has easy clean up using soap and water or denatured alcohol. Recommended usage includes building interiors, uncured floor coatings, and removal of wax and urethane coating from vinyl flooring, linoleum floor coverings, cedar siding, and terrazzo and concrete. PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

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