Concrobrum 25001 Mold Control gallon
Concrobrum 25001 Mold Control gallon

Concrobrum 25001 Mold Control gallon

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Mold Control gallon
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Concrobium Mold Control is an innovative, market-leading product that effectively eliminates existing mold, prevents mold re-growth and eliminates musty odors with no harmful chemicals. The unique technology is used by homeowners, professional remodelers, contractors and remediates. The large format 1 gallon Jug is ideal for large-scale jobs like remediating a basement or attic that has experienced moisture and mold damage. Use the 1 gallon format along with our cold-fogger to pre-treat new building materials against future mold damage quickly and safely. Ideal for: Large spaces e.g., entire rooms, basements, cellars; hard-to-reach areas e.g., attics, crawlspaces, wall cavities; new construction sites e.g. closed houses. Works on: Drywall, wood, composite wood, plastic, concrete, siding, shakes, metal, brick, stone, tile, grout, stucco, fabric, furniture, upholstery, flooring, and many more surfaces.

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