Chomp 53090 Better Than TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner 32oz

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Chomp 53090 Better Than TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner 32oz
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Manufacturer: Chomp
Chomp Better Than TSP is just what it says Better Than TSP. TSP, or tri-sodium phosphate, is a simple chemical that dates back to the Jefferson Administration over 200 years ago. Paint technology has come a long way since then and we think it’s time cleaners began to catch up as well. Better Than TSP has proprietary DST technology which allows dirt, grease and grime to be free floated from the surface and easily wiped away. This makes it faster cleaning grease and oil in side by side tests. Better Than TSP is also phosphate free, so it’s better for our environment, and less toxic making it safer and more pleasant to work with. Under dilution Better Than TSP will remove dirt, grease, grime, mildew and more. At full Strength (undiluted) Better Than TSP will degloss semi-gloss and gloss finishes to ensure proper adhesion.

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