10 Reasons to shop at home with dteps.comWe answer our phone.
Your not going to reach a recording device or have to navigate a barrage of numbers when you call us. We actually answer our phone using a real human (who incidentally is an employee). We're just not like all those others; including some of the largest on the internet who not only have phone navigation mazes but seem to make there contact information invisible.

Order processing is FAST!
While some companies may sit on your order for two or three days (even weeks), we strive to fill your order today! That usually equates to about a 1 to 24 hour turnaround. We stock most every item we sell and this allows us to make things happen. Of course you could always choose to go elsewhere, and wait.

Our suppliers love us.
Because of the fantastic relationships we’ve built with our suppliers, we’re simply able to offer better service to you. If you need a quick answer, we can probably get it. If you need a product specially made we may be able to help. It’s amazing the things that can be accomplished when everyone is working together.

Low shipping rates benefit everyone.
We regularly review shipping rates to see just how little we can charge. Our carriers raise our rate each January, but we love you way too much for that. So we compute the cheapest rate we can survive on and charge that!  Further packages cost us a little more and closer packages a little less. We're sure you figured that out.

We don't change product assortments like the Big Boxes.
Have you ever gone to the Big Box only to find the item you've been buying is no longer available.?  Well your local Big Box probably got a deal from another manufacturer to save five cents on each. Seriously!  You'll be glad to know we don't treat our inventory (or our customers) like that. We try and carry the same inventory day in and day out, and resist the temptation to save that nickel.

We treat your order like our own.
Who wants to wait for merchandise to arrive only to find it was destroyed during shipment? We pack your order to arrive in a usable condition and unlike others we actually use packing material. We don’t believe in the slap on a shipping label and let it go philosophy. Nor do we think that a box ten times larger than the item we're shipping is appropriate. We hope the shipping carrier loves your package like we do, but unfortunately that's out of our control. So please forgive us if things didn't work out perfectly. Just know that we gave it our best shot.

Real people not Robots.
Yes we like to employ homo-sapiens (that even sounds crazy). Our competitors like robots (and they like them allot). Their more efficient, and work harder for far less. We are so yesterday.

If you have a question we answer it.
Unlike others we don't solicit our customers to answer your questions. Contrarily, we have lots of employees and many industry contacts to help come up with a proper answer. Here we go again acting different.

We never spam or sell your email.
We simply use your email as a method to contact you about your order. Not to burden you with new promotions each and every day or our thoughts on the economy. We let our competitors send out the flyers, catalogs and boatloads of promotional email. Some never stop. If you've already shopped with them you know what we mean!  They simply annoy you into shopping with us. Our marketing department borderlines on pure genius!

It’s the small things that count.
Our service is personalized and tailored to you and besides that, we’re actually fun loving human beings. It's just one of the many benefits of shopping with us. Thank you for caring :)


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