Bearded Chef Wood Cleaner 8oz
Bearded Chef Wood Cleaner 8oz

Bearded Chef Wood Cleaner 8oz

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Bearded Chef Wood Cleaner 8oz
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Wood Cleaner penetrates wood surfaces without over drying the wood. The cleaner freshens up your wood items and helps kill harmful germs and bacteria with natural essential oils. The wood cleaner is all natural and safe for cutting boards, wood utensils, and more. The cleaner is slightly abrasive to stimulate wood pores to draw out contaminates and stains. Application and clean up are easy with a clean damp cloth or sponge. 100% all natural, Perfect blend of essential oils, Naturally kill germs and bacteria, Cleans without drying, Made in the USA. Once your wooden products are dry, don't forget to restore and refresh them with The Bearded Chef Hydrating Oil and The Bearded Chef Wood Butter.

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