Back to Nature Lead Clean Lead Dust Cleaner 32oz spray

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Back to Nature Lead Clean Lead Dust Cleaner 32oz spray
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Manufacturer: Back to Nature
Lead-Clean is a multi-purpose, industrial grade cleaner. As an interim control and for in-place management, a special formula removes lead dust, the most common cause of lead poisoning. As a multi-purpose cleaner, it attacks other household dirt, dust, stains, grime and other unwanted marks. This user friendly product is water-based, biodegradable and non-flammable. Lead-Clean is designed to react quickly and work efficiently. It is specifically engineered to have excellent wetting action to better penetrate surface soils. Lead-Clean can also be used in conjunction with other lead abatement methods. For use prior to lead paint encapsulation, a special deglossing agent cuts the gloss of paints, helping to insure proper adhesion for encapsulants. As a post paint removal product, it insures effective, time saving clean-up.

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