A-Maz UGS8 Ultra Gloss Sealant 8oz bottle

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A-Maz UGS8 Ultra Gloss Sealant 8oz bottle
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Manufacturer: A-Maz
A-Maz Ultra Gloss Sealant. This sealant has a non-abrasive formula that protects windows, safety glass, shower doors, mirrors, fiberglass, tile/grout, porcelain, painted surfaces and fixtures against water spotting, mineral stains, acid rain, black streak, soap scum, oxidation and more. A-MAZ Household Ultra Gloss Sealant fills pores and forms a static/fog free shield, sealing the surface immediately. It is not a polymer (such as car wax) and since it contains no alcohol, it does not evaporate. The Sealant is silicone with carnauba, providing long-lasting protection. Simply clean the surface thoroughly and then apply sparingly. The sealant is very concentrated with one drop being sufficient to cover 8-9 square inches.

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