A-Maz GRPS Gripper Handle Set with 3 pads

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A-Maz GRPS Gripper Handle Set with 3 pads
Item Id: AMA 11108
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Manufacturer: A-Maz
A-Maz The Gripper handle + 3 scrub pads. This scrub pad is a non-abrasive, polyester pad that helps clean a variety of surfaces. The A-Maz Gripper Scrub Pad is safe to use on glass and compliments many of A-Maz cleaning products. To help promote a greener environment, 100% of the polyester fiber used in the pad comes from recycled materials. Primary sources of these materials are recycled soda and water bottles reducing the hardness of the plastic. Ideal for most surfaces, bathroom enclosures, sinks, toilets, fixtures, patio, pool areas, stove tops, oven, grills, countertops, boats, etc.

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